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An Atari ST Retrospective – Documentary film concept by Mark F. Grogan


Quick, call the men in the white coats . .

Inspired to make an opening video shot with two vintage 30 year old Atari ST computers, plugged in and running outside, in a farmers field, out in the sticks. There is both a philosophical and a spiritual element to why I am doing this and from the outside looking in, if it’s not eccentric, then I don’t know what is.

I’m inspired by the way this Amstrad CPC 464 photo is done, but I think I could take the dynamic further with an Atari ST version. My idea is to have a running Atari ST (maybe with the use of an outside transporter to give me electricity to switch the ST on outside) in a similar outside field environment.

I have an idea for a short opening shoot, similar to what’s pictured here, but increasing the dynamic and to have a running computer (an Atari ST) in a similar ‘out in the sticks location’ in the Tyne Valley. An Atari ST retrospective: video documentary is a concept that I am exploring with a view to a Kickstarter project.

As I type this, I ironically can see an ideal field environment somewhere up in the Tyne Valley, somewhere maybe up by the A69 Riding Mill area, a place that can take me back to the 1980s and my 16 bit Atari ST live pipe dream from the past.

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Mark F Grogan

Mark F Grogan

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