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Still keeping an old machine close to my heart that was an important part of my computing roots. Maybe if my Dad hadn’t have bought me an Atari ST all those years ago then maybe I wouldn’t be involved in computers as a professional today

AtariNomical is for fellow Atarians. We cover all models including ST, Mega, TT and Falcon 030. Join the discussion at

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Mark F Grogan

Mark F Grogan

As a web professional, I execute my craft with passion. My hands-on experience designing, building and maintaining clients websites give me a great understanding of the lifecycle of digital products. I believe accurate and clear communication in order to ensure projects are on specification and budget. Utilizing excellent communication skills, I have successfully developed and maintained great working relationships with clients. I can implement and build effective dynamic web systems inline with clients ideas and concepts. I understand in this rapidly evolving digital age the importance of combined organic search engine optimization and good conversion of social media is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy in order to succeed. I have a good feel for company branding and have helped companies with branding inline with web projects I have developed.