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Lindisfarne Cottage Holidays

Although we had worked closely, on a long term basis with Lindisfarne Cottage Holidays in regards to evolving, maintaining and updating their previous website that was built by a previous web developer, there were fundamental elements of this website that needed moving forward which included:-

1) The previous site was not mobile friendly and therefore, as there are now around 60% of all web traffic viewed on mobile and tablet devices, not all visitors were covering as the site was not yet providing a flawless user experience. We live in an age where digital information is served up, where people consume it using a host of varying devices and varied locations (eg. sitting on trains, at the gym, on work coffee break etc). Consumer trends must be recognized in order to maximize on ROI (Return on Investment) and maximize the success of any given digital marketing campaign.

2) The content management system that had been put together for the client was compromised in terms of making it difficult for the client to update, essentially missing the fundamental reason of having a CMS to aid ease of use for client.

Our solution was to create a fresh, sharp site. Working with existing written marketing web content, we wanted to make sure this content was served up to the visitor dynamically, thus creating a flawless user experience across the vast range of devices used which include smartphone and tablet.

In terms of CMS client usability, we handed over a intuitive, easy to use dashboard system that enabled updating of site content painless and easy therefore spending minimum time updating site and maximizing on other time and resources available. Our final stage was to get an online booking solution in place, thus enabling the site customer to book a holiday home on available slots and pay with credit card to confirm booking.

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Mark F Grogan

Mark F Grogan

As a web professional, I execute my craft with passion. My hands-on experience designing, building and maintaining clients websites give me a great understanding of the lifecycle of digital products. I believe accurate and clear communication in order to ensure projects are on specification and budget. Utilizing excellent communication skills, I have successfully developed and maintained great working relationships with clients. I can implement and build effective dynamic web systems inline with clients ideas and concepts. I understand in this rapidly evolving digital age the importance of combined organic search engine optimization and good conversion of social media is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy in order to succeed. I have a good feel for company branding and have helped companies with branding inline with web projects I have developed.